Welcome to Oxford and in particular to OUCC! We look forward to meeting you and showing you the riding that your new home has to offer. We appreciate you’re going to be super busy over the next few days so have organised lots of chances for you to say hello and find out what OUCC is all about.

Firstly, we will be at the OUSU Freshers’ Fair all day on Wednesday and Thursday. Once you’ve waded through all the bike-less stalls come and find us for some cycling chat. Can’t make it? Take a look at the flyer you’re missing out on.

On Thursday evening we are hosting a meet and greet turbo session at Iffley Road Sports Centre. This will be on the balcony of the grandstand (see below) where we store our turbos. This is an informal event for riders old and new to see what the club is about without having to turn up in cycling kit or even bring a bike. We’ll have some turbo’s ready for people to have a go with their own bikes, a set of rollers, hopefully a Wattbike to have a mini max power and cadence competition, and coffee and cake!

On the weekend we’ll have rides going out on both days. On Saturday we’re meeting at 1400 on Broad Street with three road groups:

On Sunday it’s 1000 outside the Said Business School with three road groups and a MTB group:

Finally on Wednesday of 1st week, once the freshers’ week hype has calmed down, we’ll head to Mission Burrito on King Edward Street for dinner. See you there at 7pm.

As always, get in touch if you have any questions. Our FAQ for new riders is also worth a read.



To find the grandstand, enter Iffley Road Sport Centre using the cycle path from Iffley Road (just after the pedestrian crossing on the right as you approach from the centre of town). As you go down the path you will go directly under the balcony where we will be! To get to us, go to the end of the path to enter the complex then turn left to go back on yourself, along the edge of the running track. The door to the stand is between the two banks of seating in the grandstand. Go up the stairs one level and you will see us. Any trouble, we’ll be around to help you out or just ask at reception for directions to the grandstand.