Coppa zappi round 4 took place at Enstone circuit last night (15/07/15) ending this wonderful serie on a local circuit. We had 5 riders taking part in the 4 cat race: Jakub our road captain, Dan, Angus, Rob and Tamara who decide to race with he men for the first time.

OUCC took the lead from the gun with strong presence at the front from Dan, Jakub and Angus in a bunch of more than 50 riders. Although it wasn’t very windy, the bunch quickly spread and positioning was key on they narrow technical circuit. Being in the front or top 5-10 was primordial to avoid the yoyo effect of being at the back of the pack in every corner.

Dan was very strong and took the prime. Rob and Tam worked well on their positioning and stayed in the top 10 riders in the pack. After 20min the main bunch was composed of 15 riders, people kept being dropped due to the high pace around 40km/h

At four laps to go a small split occurred, with Dan, Jakub, Angus amongst the 5 riders with a small break on the main pack. At one lap to go Dan put in a dig as the bell was rung and he got a small gap, a 4th rider tried to chase him down but had Jakub and Angus hot on his heels.  Dan held on to win, Jakub finished 2d and Angus 3d. Tam & Rob finished a bit further back.

Cracking evening for our riders! Dan won the overall series and Jakub must be just behind at the GC. Dan, Jakub and Rob will be racing in cat 3 for so on and Angus need few more points to become cat 3 riders. The blue train was demonstrated his efficiency last night and they proudly wear OUCC colors!