With the weather looking so resplendent Ollie and Bradley decided that riding home to Cornwall would be a great way to get some base miles in. This sounds hard. In fact it meant 530km in 4 days on mountain bikes, carrying panniers of kit, largely off road. Definitely a ride to be proud of.

Day 1: Oxford to Bath (134.4km). So many stinging nettles.

Day 2: Bath to Exmoor (136.2km). A big sting in the tail of this one with the climbs of Perley Combe (now Ollie’s KOM) and Harwood Lane.

Day 3: Exmoor to Totnes (130.0km). Rolling up and down all day.

Day 4: Totnes to Padstow (128.9km). The first 25km felt like death! It got easier once the end was in sight.