The 2017 OUCC Hill Climb will be held on the morning of October 22nd. We will be using the Wytham Chalet Hill course that was such a success last year.

There will be an open event starting at 10am. This needs to be entered in advance via the CTT website and promises to be one of the highest profile events in the hill climb calendar in the south.

The OUCC Hill Climb Championships will be incorporated into this event, with trophies for the fastest man and woman up the hill.

Enter online now

The open event will be followed by a ‘come try it’ event. This does not need to be entered in advance and will not have the exciting prize list of the open event but will offer a more laid back opportunity for riders to have a go at racing the hill.

Course details:
  • Strava segment
  • Distance: 1.7km
  • Average gradient: 6%
  • Course record: 3:58 (Angus Fisk)

Note: This is a private road that is opened specially for the morning of our race. Bikes are normally not allowed on the top part of the climb (past the gates) so please do not try to recon it before the day itself.