The main objective of Oxford University Cycling Club is to be competitive at Varsity which is the match between Oxford University and Cambridge, and at British Universities & Colleges Sports (BUCS) events.


On the road, the Varsity Match is incorporated into the BUCS 25 mile Time Trial. This event is hosted in alternating years by the Oxford and Cambridge University Cycling Clubs. There are individual and team events for both Men and Women. The Varsity matches are decided by comparing the sum of the three quickest riders from each University.

Off-road, the Varsity Match is a cross country race incorporated into a round of the Gorrick Spring series. The sum of the three best times of each team will determine the winner.


There are various BUCS races in which OUCC riders take part during the year. These are:

  • Hill Climb (Oct/Nov)
  • Track (Nov/Dec)
  • 10 Mile TT (April)
  • Team Time Trial (April)
  • 25 Mile TT (April)
  • Road Race (April/May)


A Blue is an award earned by sportsmen and women at Oxford for competition at the highest level. Both Full Blues and Half Blues can be awarded. The criteria for awarding Blues are similar for men and women and are as follows.


Half Blues are awarded to the three fastest riders in the Varsity Match team. 

Up to three Discretionary Full Blues subject to the following criteria.  The rider should meet the Half Blues criteria plus at least one of the following in the same season:

– Place in the top 5 riders in the BUCS 10mi time trial, the BUCS 25mi time trial, or the BUCS road race, or obtained a BUCS Gold medal in the team time trial.

– Place in the top third of riders finishing in the RTTC National 10mi Championships, the RTTC National 25mi Championships, or the British Time Trial Championships.

– Win an individual medal at the BUCS Hill Climb Championships

– Win an individual medal at the BUCS Track Championships or a BUCS Gold medal in a team event.

MTB: To obtain a Half Blue a rider must:

– Be one of the three fastest riders in the Varsity Match team, and any one of;

– Qualify 5th or higher in a Gorrick Spring Series (sport category or higher), or

– Score points in any national (XC, Downhill or 4X), or

– Finish in the top 10% at the BUCS Downhill Championships

A Full Blues may be awarded if in addition to the Half Blue criteria, a rider also wins a medal at any national championship (XC, Downhill or 4X)