Silverstone F1 TTT

On Friday evening 8 riders made the journey over to the Silverstone F1 track to partake in a charity 11-mile (3 laps) road bike only team time trial. In spite of the ‘road bike only’ rules we all tried every trick in the book to get as areo as possible. Matt Kerin brought a deep front […]

Ash, Bent, Regep and Kerin all set 25 PBs

On Saturday several of us made the trek over to Cambridge for the Shaftesbury Middle Markers event on the E2/25. What turned out be a stiff headwind and a slight uphill made for a slow ride on the way out and had me fearing that a Trinity term with no exams had taken its toll […]

Banbury Star Road Race

Josh lays down some Watts up Edge Hill on lap 1 David, Matt, Josh and Joe all pedaled north to Banbury for this one. In a dramatic turnaround of events, Oxford’s OAP David started the day expecting to work for his team mates and finished our best placed rider, proving that race savvy counts for […]

BUCS TTs Round-up

April 8th -10 mile TT (Oxford) This year we hosted the BUCS 10 championships. The choice of the fast H10/17r course meant a great opportunity to ride PBs. Our riders certainly fulfilled on this front and also came away with strong positions in the team rankings. Our men were the 4th team (just 8 seconds […]

Angus and Josh dig in at rain-soaked MK Bowl suffer fest

Apologies for the poor photo – it’s a good representation of how badly we were shaking from the cold. MK Bowl Summer Series Round 5 Sitting in a General Relativity tutorial is not how most race reports start but it wasn’t until getting out at 4 o’clock that I noticed the email from Angus. It read something […]