While some of us were gearing up for the late part of the season our dedicated road racer James Lambton was putting in his final showing of the year in another hard National B race, finishing 14th. Here is his report.



The Pro Cycle Hire Essex Classic – Nat B – 14th

It was an early start for my last race of the season, and when I woke up I really wasn’t feeling it, but managed to drag myself out of bed and got myself to the start. It was a cool and damp morning, but thankfully still, so hopefully it would be a bit easier than my first Nat B the week before, which was ripped apart by brutal crosswinds. The absence of Team Wiggins was also nice… The race got off to a fast start, the bunch splitting after just 10km, but thankfully there were some temporary traffic lights, which we had to stop at every lap (not ideal), that brought everything back together (ideal). About a third of the way through the 120km race, a group of 8 got away, and 2 more followed. I also tried to bridge over with one other but to no avail, we were brought back and then didn’t see that break of 10 for the rest of the race. The bunch stayed together for the rest of the race, the break up the road calmed things down and meant the pace wasn’t too high. Coming into the final, I made my move on what I thought was the finishing hill, and crested it ahead of the bunch only to see 1KM written on the road! Somehow, myself and two others that had come with me managed to hang on until the line. I was absolutely spent so came 3rd from that 3 but ahead of the bunch and 14th overall! Really pleased with a points finish in my 2nd Nat B, and a great way to end the season. Bring on 2016!