OUCC has a detailed Constitution. This document outlines the clubs aims, how the club is to be run, membership rules and the responsibility of the club’s Officers. Most importantly for club members the constitution states that the Club “shall observe its Code of Conduct on safety matters, ensure compliance with the Code by the members of the Club, and follow an appropriate procedure for Risk Assessment“.


The important points from the Code of Conduct that need to be highlighted are that:

  • It is the responsibility of the individual to bring to the attention of the Committee any known medical condition or previous injuries that may affect their or other Club member’s safe participation within the sport.
  • Although Activity Leaders are responsible for informing participants about the exact nature of an activity, participants should be aware that they are responsible for their own actions, especially if they choose to disregard advice given by an Activity Leader or Event Organiser.
  • The Club operates a procedure that allows Club members to raise complaints about issues, which might include the following:
    • The safety of Club activities.
    • Poor standards of instruction or leadership.
    • The standard of equipment used for Club activities.
    • Poor Club Administration.
    • The lack of suitable activities for their level of participation.

All complaints regarding any matter relating to the activities of OUCC should be submitted to the President in writing.