Profile – Immy Vorley

Name: Immy Vorley College: Green Templeton Degree: BM BCh Medicine Cycling Discipline: Road, multisport First Cycling Club: OUCC First Race: Varsity duathlon 2018 Favourite Ride: Across the fields out through East Oxford at sundown Most Epic Ride: Over Mount Teide in Tenerife – my first ever mountain climb and spectacular Martian scenery Favourite Pro: Lucy Charles (not strictly a cyclist, but she’s too […]

Profile – Jack Vaughan

Name: Jack Vaughan College: St. Hugh’s College Degree: BA in History Cycling Discipline: Road First Cycling Club: Cardiff Ajax First Race: Dalton Winter Crit Favourite Ride: Anything that includes the Cumbre del Sol Most Epic Ride: OUCC TC 2020 Day 2 (deets on Strava) Favourite Pro: Tadej Pogačar Favourite Race to Watch: Giro d’Italia Best “I […]

Profile – Hannah Hodson

  Name: Hannah Hodson College: St John’s Degree: DPhil Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Cycling Discipline: Road First Cycling Club: OUCC First Race: Cuppers 2016 Favourite Ride: Long all-day adventure with a friend or two Most Epic Ride: York to Doncaster & back with my brother on the hottest day of the year – a month or two after I first got […]

Profile – Joanneke Jansen

  Name: Joanneke Jansen College: New College Degree: DPhil in Applied Maths (Systems Biology) Cycling Discipline: Road First Cycling Club: OUCC First Race: Cuppers 2019 Favourite Ride: Any Tuesday evening chaingang Most Epic Ride: Ride London 2019 Favourite Pro: Anna van der Breggen Favourite Race to Watch: Il Lombardia Best “I was there” Cycling Moment: Le grand départ Utrecht 2015: when I could watch […]

Profile – Tino Sulzer

Name: Tino Sulzer Hometown: Chartres, France College: St Anne’s Degree: Maths DPhil Previous education: Maths undergrad at Oxford Cycling discipline(s): TT, Triathlon First cycling club: OUCC First race: Newbury 10 mile TT Favourite race (to ride): The Tuesday Chaingang Best result: I think I beat Matt Kerin up a hill once Pre-race ritual: Get my excuses ready by making […]

Profile – Katrina Tse

  Name: Katrina Tse College: St Cross Degree: DPhil in Clinical Neurosciences Cycling Discipline: Road First Cycling Club: OUCC First Race: OUCC Hill Climb Favourite Ride: Any rides on a sunny day with a beautiful scenery Most Epic Ride: 230K from Exeter to Cheddar Gorge on summer solstice 2020! Favourite Pro: Emma Pooley Favourite Race to Watch: Any race – love them all Best “I […]