Joe, Martin, Will and VJ headed down to Great Milton for the penultimate race of the Oxfordshire Road Race League (ORRL) hosted by Oxonian CC. The first lap was sporadic with many break attempts until there was a big pile up mid-bunch during lap two. The race was neutralised for a short while to allow everyone to dust themselves off and thankfully the pace settled down a bit afterwards. OUCC mostly hovered around the back with fleeting moments near the front where GC Henley and CRC were battling ferociously to win the ORRL team competition.
VJ looking composed
A tactically astute move from VJ pulled 3 of the 4 OUCC riders up to the fore with 5km to go. It was looking good for a #bluetrain lead out for the inevitable bunch sprint. For whom we were setting up the sprint remains a mystery because this was immediately rendered irrelevant by a decidedly unastute attack by Joe into a headwind down a straight descent. Needless to say, the break was short lived. Not being a sprinter, VJ was happy to take 11th place with the others not too far behind but ultimately too spent to contest the sprint. Plenty of lessons to learn for next time.
Will and VJ move through the bunch
Thanks to Oxonian CC for running a great event. Best wishes to the riders involved in the crash.

Full results  –  thanks to Philip Fowler for the photos